Help & FAQs

  1. What is Express Yourself with Glucojel Favourites Edition??

    To celebrate the deliciousness that is Glucojel jelly beans, we’ve launched Express Yourself with Glucojel Favourites Edition. It’s a virtual art gallery that lets you create delicious digital artworks out of Australia’s favourite jelly beans. It also allows you to chose your favourite colour and have that set as your site’s background.

  2. Is it a competition?

    Sort of. First and foremost, we wanted Express Yourself with Glucojel Favourites Edition to be something people would love and use just for fun.

    As a bonus, each time you submit an artwork that gets hung in our Gallery, you’ll score an entry into the major $20K prize draw. The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries, so the more you create, the more chances you have to win. Plus, for the extra-skilled creators, we are giving away a $100 eftpos gift card each day to our favourite entry from the previous day.

  3. Can anyone enter the Competition?

    Anyone can express themselves and create artworks, however to be eligible to win you will need to be a permanent Australian resident. For entrants under 18, you must also have parental/guardian consent. To see the full terms and conditions, click here.

  4. How are winners chosen?

    The $20,000 major prize will be randomly drawn from all Australian entries. There’s no pressure and the more you create, the more chances you have to win! Our daily $100 eftpos gift card prizes will be awarded to our favourite entry from the previous day, as decided by our Glucojel judging panel.

  5. Can I enter more than once?

    Absolutely! Not only do more pictures make the gallery look great, every picture you make also means an extra entry into the random prize draw. This year however, entries are capped at 5 per day.

  6. Can I still make artworks after the competition ends?

    Absolutely. The competition runs until 31 May 2019. The site will still remain open after the competition closes so you can still have a bit of fun and create as many Glucoriffic artworks as possible!

  7. Why isn’t my artwork showing in the gallery?

    Submitted artworks need to be approved before they can be publicly displayed. You’ll receive an email notification with a link to your image once it’s approved. If you don’t hear back it’s possible that your artwork was rejected.

  8. How do you decide what isn’t allowed?

    While art is a form of personal expression, because we’re a family website there are some things we won’t allow. We don’t condone any artwork that could be construed as racially, sexually, politically or religiously offensive. To be safe, keep it PG.

  9. What is the Curator’s Gallery?

    Every now and then, someone submits an artwork that is truly worthy of being hung in an art gallery. Our judges scour the entries and the absolute best go straight to the ‘pool room’ (or Curator’s Gallery)!

  10. Why do I need to register?

    Registration lets us contact the competition winners and moderate submissions. Having a profile also allows you to save your artworks if you want to finish them later and means all your creations can be stored in one convenient place.