What’s The Time, Mister Wolf?

Everyone has played this as kids. One player is Mister Wolf. Mister Wolf stands at one end of the garden and everyone else stands in a line at the other end. Mister Wolf turns around with his back to the rest of the players. The players then start walking towards Mister Wolf, asking ‘What’s the time, Mister Wolf?’ Without turning around, Mister Wolf calls out a time. ‘It’s 2 o’clock.’ The players move forward again and ask again, ‘What’s the time, Mister Wolf?’ Mister Wolf responds with a time. ‘It’s half past 2.” And so it goes. But when the players are getting close to Mister Wolf, he answers their question with ‘It’s dinner time!’ As he does, he turns and chases the other players back. When a player is tagged, he or she becomes Mister Wolf and the game starts again.