Glucojel jelly beans come in nine awesome colours and flavours – black (aniseed), blue (blueberry), orange (orange), white (vanilla), red (raspberry), violet (blackcurrant), pink (strawberry), yellow (apricot) and green (apple).

Glucojel Bears come in six delicious colours and flavours – red (raspberry), orange (orange), purple (blackcurrant), pink (strawberry), yellow (tropical) and green (apple).

Glucojel jelly beans and Bears are pharmacy-only products and are exclusively available for purchase at your local pharmacy.

Put simply, people either like black or don’t. But the people that like black, really like black. We’ve found that our fans generally enjoy all the other colours pretty equally.

Red is Australia’s favourite Glucojel colour! Given its popularity with consumers, red has earned its place as a stand-alone product.

Glucojel flavours are made individually and then are all mixed together with a high tech randomiser machine. Because of that, some packets might have more black and some might have more of the other colours. We make Glucojel packets with a see-through window so you can check if there are more of your favourite colours inside!

Nope. While we’d love to be enjoyed by everyone, due to a mixture of manufacturing processes and ingredients we aren’t able to make any of those claims.

We’d feel really bad if Glucojel conflicted with your allergies or important values, so if there is a chance this impacts you, probably better play it safe.

If things change in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.