Jelly Bean Ice Cream

If you like ice cream (who doesn’t?), and you like jelly beans (naturally), then this is heaven. For a very adult version, substitute 300 grams of all black jelly beans.


  • 300 ml of double cream
  • 125 g (125 ml) of condensed milk
  • 300 g (2 x 150g packs) of Glucojel jelly beans


  1. Whisk the cream until it is thick enough to cling to the whisk.
  2. Add the condensed milk and whisk again until it holds its shape.
  3. Fold in the jelly beans.
  4. Line a loaf tin or ice cream container with cling film. Spoon in the ice cream and freeze overnight.
  5. When you’re ready to serve it, turn the ice cream out of the tin, peel off the cling film and slice the ice cream into serving portions.

Because the jelly beans become harder when frozen, this ice cream might be difficult for very young children or anyone who can’t chew hard toffee.